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The Beginning Situation

 Artisan timber had gone through a variety of Google Ad providers and faced many of the below challenges:


  • They expected more leads for what they were spending (around £3000-5000 per month on ad spend).
  • They were still getting too many leads for products they weren’t interested in selling.
  • Many of the leads were from an area they didn’t cover.

The Solution & Results

After a free audit we identified a few fixes and after 6 months of working together we have:

  • Completely eliminated the irrelevant leads.
  • Saved over £1500 per year on inefficiencies. For example, traffic was being sent to a page with a block of text and a link to another site so people would land and then leave straight away!
  • Overall Google Ads have been very effective for this account and generate £24,428.57 in revenue per month with an ad spend of under £5000.

Here’s an example of us acquiring leads for £31.83 with a Target CPA of £35. We are constantly optimizing to try and improve this but our client is very happy.

Trust In Us As An Official Google Partner

We are a Google Partner which ensures that we:

    • Handle over $10,000 of ad spend.
    • Google certified.
    • Maintain a high optimization score.

You can check out Google Partner details by clicking the badge!

Tip: always check the Google Partner badge to make sure providers you work with are legitimate!


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