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The Beginning Situation


The London Dental Institute is an international brand offering a variety of high-quality courses and services in the dental industry.

Angela, the digital manager of LDI was looking for a Google Ads provider to take over the account with the goal of:

  • Generating more with their budget to increase sales growth,
  • Reducing inefficiencies and wasted spend,
  • And freeing up their time so that they can focus on other marketing channels and business tasks.

Diving Deeper Into The Challenges

On our free consultation and audit of the account we identified a few key problems:

  • The tracking was set up incorrectly meaning inaccurate sales data reporting and there were other data points we recommended to record such as form signups and cart page views.
  • The Google rep had recommended many settings that were spending money with little return.
  • Many countries were grouped together meaning it was hard to attribute which countries were doing best.

The Solution & Results

Through a process of 3 main stages we have been able to optimize the account and in under 2 months, the key achievements have been:

  • Generating over £80,000 in sales that we tracked from Google Ads. With this insight we instantly knew it was a great marketing channel for them. On their first course they couldn’t attribute any sales to Google Ads.
  • Over 30 form signups per month, multiple phone calls and payment cart page visits. This data helps us build a picture of the user journey and access the most advanced bidding strategy called Data Attribution.
  • Increased clarity, we can now see where sales came from, keywords clicked by specific form submissions and have a more holistic picture to make informed decisions.

Trust In Us As An Official Google Partner

We are a Google Partner which ensures that we:

    • Handle over $10,000 of ad spend.
    • Google certified.
    • Maintain a high optimization score.

You can check out Google Partner details by clicking the badge!

Tip: always check the Google Partner badge to make sure providers you work with are legitimate!


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