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The Beginning Situation

Michael booked a consultation call looking for a provider to take over,
this was essential because:


  • He had 3 paid booked calls a day in his peak popularity but it completely dropped off due to a change by the agency provider.
  • The agency he was using had tried many strategies to get booked calls but he was spending money on ads with no results.
  • He always got vague answers from a project manager with no technical knowledge which was frustrating.

Diving Deeper Into The Challenges

On our free consultation and audit of the account we discussed:


  • The bidding strategy used was inefficient for the strategy to book calls because it was optimizing for conversions but the conversions were set up wrong!
  • It was surprising how many irrelevant keywords were being used in the campaign meaning he was paying for irrelevant traffic.
  • We created a plan of action to set up new conversion goals, review the entire account in detail and some high leverage changes to get back on track with getting paid consultations.

The Solution & Results

Through the plan of action consisting of 3 main stages we have been able to turn the account around so he is now generating a positive return on investment covering our service fee and the ad spend:

  • Over 3 months we have increased bookings by 50% every month.
  • We have clarity on what the users are doing on the page, what actions they take and can make informed predictions to further improve the marketing. 
  • We’ve prevented at least $500 per month of ad spend being used on inefficient keywords and searches making it the account cost effective. 
  • Now the return on investment is positive we are now looking to stabilize bookings and slowly scale the account even further.

Trust In Us As An Official Google Partner

We are a Google Partner which ensures that we:

    • Handle over $10,000 of ad spend.
    • Google certified.
    • Maintain a high optimization score.

You can check out Google Partner details by clicking the badge!

Tip: always check the Google Partner badge to make sure providers you work with are legitimate!


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