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See How We Helped Volunteering Solutions Create A Consistent Flow Of Leads And Sales

The Beginning Situation


Volunteering Solutions who sell volunteering holidays had tried an in-house team to run their ads but unfortunately covid hit and they had to close until countries opened up for travel. 

Even during the time with the in-house team, Saurabh said he knew the campaigns could be better so when they considered relaunching they decided to look for external experts. 

In January 2022 we had an initial discussion covering:

  • How the campaigns were using the wrong bidding strategy which focused on clicks, not sales.
  • The account wasn’t measuring important ecommerce conversion actions.
  • Improving the advert content to set clearer expectations will help a number of metrics like conversion rate.
  • There was much more but all of these issues were leading to low performance in both email signups and ecommerce payments.

Diving Deeper Into The Challenges

We started working on the account at the beginning of February, we carried out some major tasks:

  • Setting up tracking and assigning conversion values so we can see the value we deliver.
  • Restructuring the campaigns, ad groups and keywords for clearer insights.
  • Optimizing settings like the location targeting and bidding strategies.

The Solution & Results

Once we launched, it was a case of continuous improvement and slowly improving the efficiency of the account.

By June we have managed to:

  • Create a consistent flow of leads and sales with the most successful return on investment so far. 
  • As part of the scaling plan we launched to the highly competitive US market.
  • Reduced unnecessary spend by carefully monitoring and pausing keywords, targeting options, ad copy and more.

The chart above shows how performance has been fluctuating for a long time but since launching in the 1st quarter we have seen a great increase in clicks and conversions. We are now starting to see a lot more conversions per click which shows the clicks are higher quality and overall value delivered is higher.

Trust In Us As An Official Google Partner

We are a Google Partner which ensures that we:

    • Handle over $10,000 of ad spend.
    • Google certified.
    • Maintain a high optimization score.

You can check out Google Partner details by clicking the badge!

Tip: always check the Google Partner badge to make sure providers you work with are legitimate!


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