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The Beginning Situation


ZIPFOX is a startup who connect US buyers with Mexican manufacturers through their online marketplace. Raine, the founder, had a successful business before and knew he needed a way to get traffic on the website to prove his concept.

In February 2022 we had an initial discussion covering:

  • How we were going to get as much traffic on the website as possible.
  • The importance of setting up tracking to take into account the longer life cycle of his buyer.
  • The initial 3 month strategy to set up, launch and continuously improve.


The Solution & Results

We launched the account in April, and in 2 months have:

  • Set up a variety of conversion actions and assigned values so we can see the value we deliver.
  • Generated 130% Return On Investment based on our conversion values assigned in a competitive industry for a new business. So for every $1 spent they get back $1.30 and we have only just begun. 
  • Over 50 new sign ups generated and over 15 serious longer form applications which is great considering the large average sales value and customer lifecycle. 
  • Audited the current website which plays a huge factor in Google Ads success, see what Raine said below:

Trust In Us As An Official Google Partner

We are a Google Partner which ensures that we:

    • Handle over $10,000 of ad spend.
    • Google certified.
    • Maintain a high optimization score.

You can check out Google Partner details by clicking the badge!

Tip: always check the Google Partner badge to make sure providers you work with are legitimate!


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